Getting To Know Me

A one-off familiarizing play session for new children

About this experience

The aim of this 1:1 play session with one of our therapists is getting to know each other. For us it will be an opportunity to meet you and your child and learn more about your child’s skills and needs, their interests, a preferred way of play, their social communication skills and emotional regulation. We will play and observe how they communicate and interact, if they respond to bids for interaction, if they are able to initiate interactions and sustain joint attention, follow instructions, cope with waiting, sharing, turn taking or demands. Together with the questionnaire and our conversation with you, the parents/ carers, we will be able to offer you more informed recommendation for our classes, individual or group sessions.

For the children it will be an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new place and the parents will have an opportunity to discuss their observations, thoughts and concerns. 

We will follow your booking with an initial phone call. We will send you a questionnaire that you could email us back prior to the session or bring it with you to the session.

We look forward to meeting you and your child and getting to know you.  

The Pictologue Team