Funky Monkeys

Our sound awareness classes for Funky Monkeys - explore sounds, rhythm and rhymes to promote speech and pre-literacy skills

About this experience

Come and join us in our sound awareness classes for Funky Monkeys!

These NEW Pictologue group classes are designed by our Speech and Language Therapists to increase interest and awareness of sounds in words.

Children will have fun listening to, identifying, matching and making a variety of sounds, rhythms and rhymes through games, music, songs and play activities designed to increase awareness and interest in sounds in words.

These classes may get quite noisy at times so please let us know if your child has hearing difficulties or is sensitive to sound so that we can make suitable adjustments for them.

£10 per child (20% family discount available - please enter code 'SIBLING' at checkout)

Pictologue is a children’s charity and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the help their little one needs due to financial difficulties. We may be able to offer free / supplemented places. Please email to discuss your needs.