Pictologue Therapy

Successful communication and positive learning through play

Drawing on a clinical foundation of Speech and Language Therapy and Play Therapy, our therapists design personalised therapy programmes for each child. Our specialist approach enhances and develops speech, language and communication skills, as well as your child's emotional well-being.

We provide therapy for children who need extra help, offered at home, local nurseries, schools, centres and at our playroom.

We include parents, carers, siblings, friends and teaching staff in therapy, providing support and training to enable those who live and work with the child to plan opportunities for success every day.

We plan therapy sessions according to need, typically of a block of three to fourteen sessions in a term, scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or intensive basis, as required.Ā Ā 

We offer a range ofĀ Pictologue Therapy Services:

  • Pictologue Play Therapy

We help children to explore their feelings, to express themselves, and to make sense of their life experiences.

Play is a childā€™s natural medium of expression. It is vital to every childā€™s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development, particularly for those who may find communication difficult.

Using words to describe feelings and life experiences can be very challenging for children. In play therapy, play acts as a vehicle which enables the child to externalise feelings and challenges that they have experienced, at their own pace and in the presence of a trained therapist. Through establishing a therapeutic relationship the child feels safe. This can foster the development of emotional literacy and social engagement, resilience and holistic well-being.

Pictologue Play Therapy specialises in supporting children of all ages who have emotional well-being needs.

Play therapy can help children who have a variety of presenting difficulties, such as: anxiety, bereavement, challenging behaviour, communication struggles, developmental delays and disorders, disability, family breakdown, illness, low confidence, medical conditions, neglect, school-based struggles, trauma.

Help your child find their voice.

  • Pictologue Speech and Language Therapy

We provideĀ treatment, support and careĀ for children who have communication difficulties.

Speech and Language Therapy helps to assess and work to improve and support all areas of communication, including participation in daily activities, attention and listening skills, understanding of language, use of language, speech production and social interaction, enabling each child to reach their full potential.

Pictologue Speech and Language Therapy specialises in working with young children (typically aged 0-7 years) who are having difficulties with the development of their speech, language and communication skills.

This may be due to medical conditions and developmental delays and disorders, including: autism/social interaction difficulties, cleft palate, emotional and behavioural disorders, dysfluency, hearing impairment, language delay and disorder, learning difficulties and disabilities (mild/moderate/severe), physical disabilities (e.g. cerebral palsy), selective mutism, speech delay and disorder (including verbal dyspraxia), voice disorders.

Help your child use their voice.

  • The benefits of Pictologue Therapies

33% of children with untreated speech and language difficulties will develop subsequent mental health problems and approximately 80% of children with emotional and behavioural disorders have significant language deficits.

We use a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches and techniques to address your childā€™s needs. Therapy activities are play-based and fun and include advice and recommendations for those who live and work with the child to plan opportunities for success every day.

  • Pictologue staff are specialised in working with children who have additional or complex needs and learning difficulties and provide specialist resources and training.
  • Pictologue consists of a multi-disciplinary team, enabling us to work holistically to best meet the needs of the whole child.
  • Pictologue therapies can help improve school readiness and performance, including group participation, pre-literacy skills, communication with teachers and peers, listening and response skills and attendance rates
  • Pictologue therapies can offer a better quality of life

For more information on Pictologue Therapy, to schedule aĀ free phone consultation or if you have any questions, please doĀ contact us. To view our rates and pricing, click here.