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Pictologue therapy in a 1:1 context is ideal for children and young people who are starting out in picture communication and those who require frequent opportunities to practise and develop skills.

It is also recommended for those who have difficulty focusing their attention within a group setting, have low communicative confidence or require concentrated work targeting specific vocabulary, concepts, or activities.

We offer a flexible approach to individual therapy, typically offering a block of up to ten sessions, which can be provided in an intensive fortnight, or weekly, as required.


Pictologue therapy for small groups (of 2, 3 or 4) provides the perfect opportunity for children or young people to improve their communication skills in a social context with friends.  

It is suitable for children who are starting to share attention and take turns, as well as those who already have developed social skills and enjoy learning in group situations.  

We recommend that children are grouped together according to skills, needs or interests. Sessions would typically take place on a weekly basis for a specified block of time.


Pictologue therapy for large groups or classes (of 5-12) offers an excellent opportunity for a school's own activities to be Pictologue enhanced.  

Through joint planning and delivering of sessions, pupils will experience increased opportunities for communication, participation and learning within their curriculum.

Sessions are delivered together with classroom staff, and would typically take place within a weekly class lesson for a block of half a term or a term.  Bespoke Pictologue products for the sessions and ongoing training in using Pictologue strategies would also be provided.

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Pictologue Therapy


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