Pictologue Therapy

Successful communication and positive learning through play

Drawing on a clinical foundation of Speech and Language Therapy and Play Therapy, our therapists design personalised therapy programmes for each child. Our specialist approach enhances and develops speech, language and communication skills, as well as your child's emotional well-being.

We provide therapy for children who need extra help, offered at home, local nurseries, schools, centres and at our playroom.

We include parents, carers, siblings, friends and teaching staff in therapy, providing support and training to enable those who live and work with the child to plan opportunities for success every day.

We plan therapy sessions according to need, typically of a block of three to fourteen sessions in a term, scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or intensive basis, as required  

We offer a range of Pictologue Therapy sessions:

  • Individual

Pictologue therapy in a 1:1 context is ideal for children who are starting out in therapy and those who require frequent opportunities to practice and develop skills.

It is recommended for those who have difficulty focusing their attention within a group setting, have low communicative confidence or require concentrated work targeting specific vocabulary, concepts, activities or experiences.

  • Group

Pictologue therapy for small groups (of 2, 3 or 4) provides the perfect opportunity for children or young people to improve their communication skills in a social context with friends.  

It is suitable for children who are starting to share attention and take turns, as well as those who already have developed social skills and enjoy learning in group situations.  We often group children together according to age, skills, needs or interests but we also love mixed groups as we believe one child's strengths can support another child's needs.

  • Classroom

Pictologue therapy for large groups or classes (of 5-12) offers an excellent opportunity for a school's own activities to be Pictologue enhanced. Through joint planning and delivering of sessions, pupils will experience increased opportunities for communication, participation and learning within their curriculum.

Sessions are delivered together with classroom staff, and would typically take place within a weekly class lesson for a block of half a term or a term. Bespoke Pictologue products for the sessions and ongoing training in using Pictologue strategies would also be provided. 

For more information on Pictologue Therapy, to schedule a trial session or if you have any questions, please do contact us. To view our rates and pricing, click here.