From our families, past and present.. it's our privilege to be part of your lives... Thank you for sharing your experiences and stories!

"My daughter has gone (in less than six months) from a scared little girl who would not even set foot in the playroom to a girl who goes there without protest. She tells me that she is: 'happy to go there and play, and make potions...' Thank you, Sylvie, for all the compassion that you show and the magic that you work in your beautiful little playroom."

"Wonderful! The world of Pictologue is full of wonder - wonder for the children in the fascinating activities that the staff do with them, and wonder for the parents in the transformation they witness in their children gradually with their help."

"The support you give children is so valuable. We'll never forget the help you gave Sam and the support and reassurance you gave us as parents. Forever grateful."

"We love Pictologue. Our daughter Ida is autistic and non verbal... Sharon is fantastically skilled and always makes Ida feel safe and want to engage (not always an easy ask)... They've helped us find ways to insert ourselves into Ida's play, she now loves to have parental involvement in her games which is a huge game changer. The sessions have supported Ida and her younger brother to learn to play side by side which in turn has allowed their happy sibling relationship to blossom. Sharon and Bethan have always been available for any questions we have and have been so supportive. I'm not sure where we would have been without Pictologue but I know our family is much happier because of their help. I can't recommend - or thank - them enough".

"Genuine authenticity and an approach that looks at individual needs"

"Sylvie has recommended books to help with my daughter's persistent night terrors... She provides support and information for the whole family, every step of the way."

"You really helped me feel I had a bridge when we were just an island and you really helped [E] find his voice."

"Eva and Natalie are just fantastic - they are so so lovely in the way they interact with your child, kind but firm, fun but teaching them all the time with the child hardly noticing."

"It was life changing for my son and the family. The more help he got from Pictologue, the more we felt we could be a more 'normal' family. He was and still is a quiet child but from the very first session you could see he enjoyed playing with Bethan and she tailored all her activities to suit what she felt like he was interested in. He didn't see it as anything but playtime and he became a much happier child. The impact of all of this intervention at such a young age i believe has been vital for him. He now doesn't stop talking!"

"Very personal approach. Learning language through play. Genuine empathy and translating that to a plan.."

"... a place where my young daughter's behaviour (trauma) is/are not judged."

"I think I'd say the biggest change has been in his confidence - in his ability to express himself and communicate with us and other children"

"Holistic - SLT with Pictologue was our first step. With Pictologue we looked at more than just language but also the underlying causes and what else may be required over time. In our experience this laid the basic foundations which were built of SLT approaches combined with a novel and engaging learning through play - something which really put our son's own needs at the forefront.."

"From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for the difference you've made to [B] and all the children at [school]." 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help. We will always remember how much you've helped us. We can see that you all truly love your work and it's been a joy to work with you all".


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