Pictologue Play

We believe in the power of play...

We welcome all children to our play sessions, which provide opportunities for successful and positive learning, nurturing language, communication and social skills in an inclusive environment. We offer therapeutic play for children together with their parents/carers, guided by one of our specialty team members.

Our playroom has been designed to be a calm, safe and clean space with children at the heart of it. We love for children to explore and naturally follow their interests through play, balancing child-led and adult-led interaction and valuing the individual differences amongst all children.

We are pleased to offer Pictologue Play sessions FACE-TO-FACE and ONLINE and are happy to discuss pricing and timings to suit your needs.

An opportunity for free play in a small, intimate setting (up to 3 children). Each group session features our seasonal range of toys and games, storytelling, sensory play and crafts. 

Our trained specialists will use therapeutic techniques to address your child's needs through the natural habit of play. 


We're excited to add in a variety of Pictologue classes this term. These adult-led sessions have been designed by our Therapists to target communication skills in a structured way. 

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Private (exclusive use of the playroom) 
Hire our playroom for exclusive use. Perfect for petite parties, play dates and parent groups. Currently unavailable.

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 Special Events

Join our seasonal activities and events in and around the local community. Currently unavailable.

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Get in touch to find a play session that suits you and your child best. Visit our Pictologue Playroom at Mortlake Hall, 30 Mullins Path, Mortlake SW14 8EZ, give us a call on 020 8878 5498 or email us at playroom@pictologue.co.uk.