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Pictologue consultation for schools is designed to enable teachers to plan opportunities so that children who have communication difficulties are able to participate, communicate and learn throughout the school day.

Consultations may include facilitating access to the curriculum, routines and activities, preparing for specific events, developing relationships with peers, and providing an inclusive and supportive learning environment.  

This service will be of particular benefit to teachers of children who have communication needs in a mainstream setting, or special schools and units that require a highly specialist picture communication environment.


Pictologue consultation for families helps you plan opportunities so that your child who has communication needs is able to participate in and enjoy family life more fully.

This may include preparing for specific outings and holidays, or developing play and relationships with siblings. We can also Pictologue enhance your home so that your child with significant communication difficulties is able to understand and relax within daily routines and activities.  

Personalised communication and participation strategies will be discussed with you and bespoke products may also be recommended, if appropriate.


Pictologue consultation for the community enables you to accommodate children and young people who have communication needs by ensuring your setting is Pictologued!  

This will be of great benefit to the 10% of children who have long-term or persistent speech, language and communication needs, as well as those who are learning English as an additional language.  

Whether you work in a local cafe or restaurant, shop or library, playgroup, clinic or centre; we would love to work with you to enable children who have communication difficulties to fully access your care or services, and enjoy recreational facilities together with their families and friends.  

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