About Us

Pictologue is a social enterprise with a heart for children and young people who struggle to enjoy interactions because they find it difficult to understand or use spoken words.

We want to see a world in which everyone can communicate, participate and learn.  

Pictures are one of the most powerful ways to discover language and Pictologue provides resources, opportunities and support so that daily life can be filled with successful and positive communication.  

  • what we do

Our team of therapists and product specialists develop and create an inspirational collection of fun and functional picture communication resources for play, routines and activities.

Pictologue helps local families, schools, healthcare and community organisations to provide opportunities for successful interaction, positive learning and leisure experiences using pictures to increase the understanding and use of language.

We provide specialist information and support on the use of pictures with children and young people who have communication needs, so that they can contribute and engage in daily activities to their communicative potential.

  • our inspiration

The expression of needs, wants and preferences is vital, the look of understanding is priceless, and the ability to share something with someone is the foundation of all relationships. This is the essence of communication and yet for many it is a confusing and closed door.

We want to provide more resources and opportunities for successful interactions, increasing support and facilitating integration of children and young people who have communication needs within families, schools and the community.

With pictures as our key, Pictologue products and services are designed to open the door to the complex world of language with special people who simply need a little extra translation.