About Pictologue

Inspiring dialogue through pictures

"The expression of needs, wants and preferences is vital;

the look of understanding is priceless;

the ability to share something with someone is the foundation of all relationships."

Bethan de Mel, Founder of Pictologue 


This is the essence of communication and yet for many, it is a confusing and closed door.

Pictologue is building a world in which everyone can communicate, learn and have fun  together! We are passionate about creating a truly inclusive society, from day one, encouraging all to enjoy spending time together and being part of their local community.

We provide affordable therapy solutions for local children who are struggling to fully access education and leisure activities because they have speech, language, communication, learning and/or emotional needs. 

Our core services include Pictologue Play, Therapy and a ToyBox rental programme. We also have a Toyshop where our profits are reinvested to support the running of Pictologue.