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Our Playroom

Pictologue's playroom has been designed with children at the heart of it. Playing is the foundation of learning and one of the best ways to develop language, communication and social skills. Our playroom focuses on creating an inclusive environment with fun activities and picture enhanced toys and games that are updated seasonally. Join our weekly playgroups and 1:1 Play Time sessions or reserve the playroom for you own private play date with friends and family.


Our playgroups provide the opportunity for free play in a small group (up to 6 children). We are delighted to offer a full schedule of play groups throughout the week.  As well as enjoying our seasonal range of toys and games, these include some special themed playgroups, including storytelling, sensory play and arts & crafts. Follow the links below to view our current timetable.


Playdates are wonderful for those who would prefer to have a more personal playtime experience with their child. This allows for the family to invite anyone they would like to privately enjoy the playroom. It is the perfect place to relax together and enjoy special or regular playtime with family and friends.  Please get in touch for more information -

1:1 Play Time: 

Our 1:1 Play Time provides an opportunity for both adult-led and child-led play in our playroom, guided by one of our specialty team members. Children can pick from any of our wonderful seasonal toys, puzzles or art & craft materials. Our stuff will use therapeutic techniques to address the individual child's needs through the natural habit of play. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our playroom in Mortlake: a fun-filled place to communicate, participate and learn with specialist advice on how to stimulate skills for success through play.