Pictologue Play

We believe in the power of play...

We welcome all children to our play sessions, which provide opportunities for successful and positive learning, nurturing language, communication and social skills in an inclusive environment. We offer therapeutic play for children together with their parents/carers, guided by one of our specialty team members.

Our playroom has been designed to be a calm, safe and clean space with children at the heart of it. We love for children to explore and naturally follow their interests through play, balancing child-led and adult-led interaction and valuing the individual differences amongst all children. We offer a variety of fun activities with picture enhanced toys and games that are updated seasonally. 

We are currently offering an introductory 'Getting to Know Me' play session - a 1-1 session with one or two of our Specialist Therapists to learn more about your child's skills, needs and interests so we can recommend you the most appropriate support going forwards.

We offer a range of classes to suit a variety of needs and interests as well as therapeutic play, Speech & Language Therapy, Play Therapy and SEN Learning Support offered 1-1 or in groups.

We continue to provide weekly inclusive play sessions - you can find out more below and view our Schedule to book in for the best session for you and your child. We also hire our playroom for exclusive use - perfect for petite parties, play dates and parent groups. 

Any queries or can't find a time to suit - give us a call on 020 8878 5498 or email us at playroom@pictologue.co.uk.