Talking to children about Covid-19 and looking after our mental health.

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Hello everyone,

Do you ever wonder what the best way is to talk to your children about the current situation with Covid-19?

If you answered yes, keep reading !


Click HERE to find out how Olo is feeling about Covid-19; a child friendly storybook for Coronavirus.

Over the past few weeks, we have all found ourselves adopting a very new and unfamiliar lifestyle caused by the new Covid-19 virus outbreak. It is natural that this strange situation will be hard for us and our children to get used to straight away. 

Children will respond to feeling anxious in different ways. Some children may withdraw, become clingy or angry, while others will have trouble sleeping or wet the bed. Stomach pain and headaches are also common responses to feeling anxious or worried.

Parents and careers are advised to keep to daily routines as much as possible and create a safe environment where children can relax and are encouraged to play. Reassure children that they are safe. Providing them with affection and comfort, is crucial in supporting their mental and emotional heath during this time. Explain truthfully in an age appropriate manner, what has happened and encourage children to share with you their inner thoughts and feelings. Support and guide them by providing information of how they can keep themselves and others around them safe.

However, it is also important for parents to look out for their own mental health and wellbeing before they are able to support their children. Most of our little ones will remember how their family home felt during the Coronavirus pandemic more than anything specific about the virus. Our children will learn how to respond to stress and uncertainty through watching our responses to this difficult time. Make sure you reach out to friends and family for support. Exercise alone or with your children daily and start your day by making the bed and changing into comfortable clothes. This will help you to feel more productive and less in a rut. Allocate a time in the day to be creative. Exploring the creative side of yours will lift your spirit up and will allow your mind to relax. As you may have noticed, everyone, everywhere, is talking about the outbreak. It is crucial that you spend some time away from devices and that you get some fresh air, even if that means having a coffee on your balcony or by the window. 

Our therapists remain available to you during this difficult time. We would love to know what you find most helpful to support your little ones at home. Email today to schedule a free call with one of our therapists.

Below, you will find a book created with care by one of our therapists, and will support you in explaining Covid-19 to your little ones. Please follow the link HERE to view. 

Best wishes,
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