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As we have officially entered the summer season, Pictologue is introducing a new range of summer themed toys for unlimited summer fun in our playgroups and at home !!
Our summer theme is picnics, bbq, senses, clothes, body parts, packing, travel & transport and places to go such us the seaside, the museum, camping, the hotel etc. Thus, all our recommended toys will promote the understanding of the world and enhance language and communication through appropriately made Picture Packs.
Our team of therapists and product specialists develop and create an inspirational collection of fun and functional picture communication resources for play, routines and activities.
Pictologue Picture Packs are designed to support communication. Pictures are one of the most powerful ways to discover language and Pictologue provides resources, opportunities and support so that daily life can be filled with successful and positive communication.  
With pictures as our key, Pictologue products and services will open the door to the complex world of language with special people who simply need a little extra translation.
Our seasonal toys include:

Maggie Leigh Dress up

Appreciate a wonderful wardrobe as you help Maggie choose what to wear in this fun dressing-up activity.

Shopping List – Clothes

This lively lotto is always a winner as you learn about clothes in the race to fill up your trolley; also a great add-on or alternative to the original Shopping List. Use the Pictologue Pack to highlight Core Vocabulary and choice-making. 


Where's My Cupcake?

This sweet little game is perfect for discovering describing words.  Use the Pictologue Pack to highlight Core Vocabulary and choices.  You can even make your own tasty cupcakes using the enclosed recipe card.




Post Box Game

This delightful activity is a fantastic way to introduce structured game play and turn taking, whilst learning about colours.



Pirate Shapes

Have some pirate fun as you help the pirates find their missing shapes. Use the Pictologue Pack to reinforce core vocabulary and choice making.



Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Our favourite nursery rhyme in a game! Sing along, do the actions and race to fill up your game board as you learn about parts of the body.


Pigs in Pants

These little piggies can’t decide which pants to wear today. Have a giggle as you help them try on and choose pairs of matching pants.



Tummy Ache

Uh-oh - some uninvited friends have joined the picnic and you need to create a delicious edible meal! This funny lotto game is brilliant for personal and social skills, turn taking and vocabulary categorisation.


Touch and Feel - Safari

An adventure for little fingers, as they take a trip to explore colours, patterns, textures and shapes on safari. Pictologue Picture Pack will support understanding of vocabulary, choice-making and communication.


Fishing Fun

Catch some friendly fish and reveal their secret number. This cheerful game is fantastic for first turn-taking and number development.



Yellow House - Chunky Puzzle

A lovely simple inset puzzle featuring everyday items for first words. Promotes communication and fine motor skills.



Vehicles - Sound Puzzle

Every correct match is wonderfully congratulated with a corresponding vehicle sound effect in this bright wooden inset puzzle.  Use the Pictologue Pack to aid choice-making and comments.

Bear Family Dress Up Puzzle

Enjoyable ways to consider emotions as you choose clothes and faces for this cute little bear family. 



Transport Puzzles

These colourful little self-correcting puzzles are brilliant for first sounds and words.


50 Things to spot in London

Take a fascinating tour of London's landmarks with these brilliant double-sided fact cards.  Then visit the attractions with your family and friends and learn all about them !



Children's Picture Atlas

This vibrant book is bursting with wonderful illustrations and facts to enable you to discover the world.


Nursery Rhymes

This adorable book brings much-loved rhymes to life as children enjoy listening to first sounds in words and exploring pages with picture tabs and touchy-feely patches.


The Seaside

This lively book is filled with seaside fun and surprises. The sun is shining and there's plenty to talk about at the beach!



Flags of the World

Take a colourful trip around the world and discover hundreds of fascinating facts about each and every country, including time zones, sizes, continents, capital cities, languages, currencies, landmarks…



Wooden Cupcake Set

Endless birthday parties with countless cupcake varieties... This game creates lots of lovely opportunities to talk about cupcakes whilst enjoying an all-time favourite celebration.


Pizza Set

Hours of creative fun as you design your perfect pizza.  You can even choose to eat in or take away! Then make your own pizza for your loved ones, with an adult’s help. Yummy !!


Garages and Cars

A sturdy and compact toy to encourage the learning of early language ideas (concepts) and imaginative play - cars can be matched to their garages by size, colour and number. Children develop their hand eye coordination as they stack them up. Loads of fun!


Two-ty Fruity Abacus

Make counting fun and be sure to get your ‘5 a day’! This is a wonderful wooden abacus that little fingers will love. Use the Pictologue Pack to support vocabulary, choice-making and communication.

Don’t miss out !! Order our new range online now or borrow your favourite toys for up to 90 days !!

Tell us what you think about the toys you have already brought or borrowed.

Were the Picture Packs helpful? How did they promote your child's understanding, language development and communication skills?

We would love to hear all about your Pictologue'd experiences !!!

Have a lovely time playing with our Pictologue’d picture enhanced summer toys !

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