Spring Cleaning

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It's still absolutely freezing but the sun is shining with increasing strength and the brave new buds are starting to open up and blossom, making tall dark trees begin to dance again.

Springtime... It's always exciting, full of anticipation and the perfect time to prepare your home for the year ahead with a good old-fashioned Spring clean!?

I recommend starting with the playroom or children's corners - it seems more manageable than anywhere else! Here are just a few Pictologue Playroom tips:

  1. Less is more - start a toy rota and hide away half of the toys on offer. This will not only free up more playing space, but it will allow your child to focus, choose and enjoy playing with each item in turn.
  2. Everything has its place - put individual activities or groups of toys together. For example, a musical box, an art and craft basket, a cosy teddy corner, a family games shelf... This will not only look super-organised but help your child to categorise, associate, learn and remember where to find similar and different play things. 
  3. Pretty as a picture - it doesn't take long for too much fun to untidy things here so to help keep your playroom in shape, create labels, stickers or photos so that everyone can help to keep the place looking perfect. If you use Velcro to attach them to toy boxes or shelves, they can double up as picture choices too.  

Please share your photos to inspire us and let us know if you need any help to Pictologue your Playroom this springtime. 

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