10 Easter Dinner table Ideas

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Impress your Easter Dinner guests with these amazing looking main dishes and desserts. Use your imagination and create amazing Easter themed plates for the whole family to enjoy. Here are some easy ideas that can be made with ingredients of your choice depending on yours and your family's favourite flavours !!


Have a lovely Easter everyone !!!


1. Bunny shaped bread with filling of your choice

2. Chick cupcakes or muffins (use icing for decorating)

3.Easter themes sushi puddings (use sweets and marshmallows for toppings and rice krispies in marshmallow cream to make the rice art of the sushi)

4. Chick eggs

5. Easter shaped bread of your choice with favorite dip

6. Carrot shaped puddings (inside you can make a filling of cake, chocolate or rice krispies. Use icing for decorations)

7. Easter themed biscuits, bunnies and sheep !!! Use buttercream and icing sugar for decorating your favorite flavored cookies. 

8. Easter themed healthy breakfast for your little ones

9. Pudding Pie Baskets - can use pastry or apples for baskets and a filling of your choice

10. And of course, impress your guests with this nest themed cake this Easter.


Good luck and enjoy the holidays this Easter. We hope to see you soon in Pictologue. 

Let us know if you would like a Picture pack to go along your Easter dinner recipes this year !!

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