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Our specialty therapy team select a range of toys, games, books and activities to help your little ones learn and have fun.

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Playgroups and Toy Library

Join our inclusive playgroups or toy libraries to enjoy playing together and sharing the fun!

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Specialist Therapy

Find out about our speech and language therapy services for children who need a little extra help to reach their communicative potential.

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Pictologue is a social enterprise, committed to creating a world in which everyone can communicate, participate, learn and have fun! Explore our products and services to find out more about our innovative, fresh approach to learning and leisure, transforming the way we live, work and play together.


Playing together! Our playroom in Mortlake has been designed with children at the heart of it. Our weekly playgroups offer the opportunity for natural child-led play for children and their parents/carers, guided by our specialty team. Our playroom is stocked with our seasonal selection of toys, games, books and activities. Join our weekly playgroups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays, or book a private play date for the perfect playtime with friends or family. Playgroups priced at £5 per child. Email for more details.


Building communication skills! Our specialist therapy service is designed to enhance and develop speech, language and communication skills by providing opportunity for successful interaction and positive learning through play, using picture communication strategies. We currently offer individualised therapy for children and young people within their home, nursery, school or childcare centre. Prices start from £45 per session. Email for more details.

Toy Library

Sharing fun! Our monthly toy library service is run by our specialty therapy team and includes advice on how to stimulate communication skills through play. Come and meet us on the first Monday morning of each month at Richmond Library or the fourth Friday morning of each month at Twickenham Library to choose from our seasonal selection of toys, games and activities. You can also join our Toy Box scheme online and pre-order items to rent from our store in Mortlake. Prices range from 50p to £4 per rental. Email for more details.